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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​Super Kids (Preschool & Pre-K)

This program provides the opportunity for your child to discover creative movement is fun!  Movement leads to better coordination and a greater sense of how our little bodies move in space!  Musical education creates a love and knowledge for music using games, songs and simple instruments.  This program will be instructed once a week.

Jolly Phonics (Preschool & Pre-K)

Jolly Phonics is our Language Arts program and is thorough foundation for reading and writing.  It teaches the letter sounds in an enjoyable, multisensory way and enables the children to use them to read and write words.  Each sound has an action which helps children remember the letter(s) that represent it.  The five basic skills for reading are learning the letter sounds; letter formation; blending; identifying sounds in words and spelling tricky words.

Kids in the Kitchen with Chef Yum Yum (Pre-K)

Every "fun" Friday, children will join Chef Yum Yum in our Kitchen as they learn, create, cook and taste!  Kids learn the basics of cooking; everything to measuring to chopping their own ingredients!  Chef Yum Yum will also touch on the importance of topics such as manners, healthy foods and how to set a table! 

Pre-K Picasso (Pre-K)

Each month, the Pre-K Program offers creative art making experiences that foster self expression, art appreciation and skill development.  Masterpieces will be created using a variety of mediums highlighting the great work of artists such as Picasso, Michelangelo and Monet. 

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